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Hunting and Gathering

In the next couple of weeks as we gather information, articles, websites, action items, and general resources we'll collect and post them here.  And if you know have a recommendation, please let me know so we can include it!

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Voting Protection

Recommended by an RBG friend:

I wrote 100 non-partisan postcards to moms all over the country through this organization:

Voting/Ballot  Protection or to register to vote and/or check your voter registration status - allows anyone to look up what is on their ballot in advance based on home address, including research on candidates and propositions

California Voters - For CA voters, you can register to receive updates on when your mail in ballot has been received and counted For CA -- find where you can drop off your mail in ballot directly rather than using USPS (recommended if possible)

Napa County Board of Elections is inviting the public to observe the ballot counting process:

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